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Why You Shouldn't Do a EuroTrip - Epictourist

Why You Shouldn’t Do a EuroTrip

Doing a Eurotrip is one of the most epic ways to travel, why wouldn’t an Epic Tourist be encouraged to plan a Eurotrip?

As adventurous and exciting as travelling around Europe is, jumping from country to country and landmark to landmark, here are some of the reasons it’s better to strike Eurotrip off your bucket list and enjoy the countries individually.

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Country Hopping Devalues Each Country

When you plan a Eurotrip, typically each country only gets a few days of your attention. Europe is one of the continents with the richest histories, and each country has a legacy of thousands of years to share with tourists.

By blazing through the country in a few days, stopping by the biggest tourist spots then moving on, you miss out on the real beauty and depth of the country.

Take Greece for example. If you just stop by Greece for a few days, maybe visiting Athens or one of the islands, or both, there is still so much you miss out. There are at least a dozen thousand year old monuments to visit, countless delicious restaurants to try and so much culture to take in. Visiting the islands in a rush is counter intuitive. The Greek islands seem to exist for the sole reason of relaxation and beauty. If you don’t take time to relax, you miss the whole point.

While it is significantly more expensive to visit each country in turn, you will have fonder memories of each country.

Europe is Too Similar to Cram Together

One of the comments people have after a Eurotrip is that a lot of the European countries start to look similar.

It seems a shame to leave Spain and feel disappointed because a lot of the activities you did and places you visited echoed something you saw in Italy or France. All the countries are uniquely beautiful, but in general there are a lot of similarities which could make museums, landmarks and even food all blend together into an indistinguishable blur in your memory.

Why We Travel

If you think about why we travel in the first place, it’s to discover other places and cultures, and to learn more about ourselves. There is no reason to rush through one of the most culturally significant places in the world just because you can get a flight from one country to the other for 20 Euros. Yes, travelling within Europe is cheap and easy, and taking the train is even easier, but if you have to take advantage of the travel deals then extend your stay or consider living in Europe for several months rather than planning to visit 10 countries in a month.

Once the trip is over all you have are your memories, and if you weren’t able to appreciate the countries you visited, you’ll look back on your trip with exhaustion and indifference. To relax, learn and enjoy each beautiful country, skip the Eurotrip and try a more intense, and more epic, way of seeing each country.



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