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Westfield Mall San Francisco, for Tourists - Epictourist

Westfield Mall San Francisco, for Tourists

Westfield Mall San Francisco (not to be confused with Westfield Mall in London, England) is one of the biggest and most popular shopping centers in San Francisco. Tourists go to shop, eat at the enormous food court, and ride the one of a kind curved escalators.

Looking to shop, eat or even see a show, Westfield is a fun place to visit for tourists and locals alike.


Spiral Escalators

Westfield Mall looks like almost every other mall in North America – it is several floors high and houses shops, services and activities (including beauty salons and a movie theatre), but what sets this mall apart are the curved escalators.

The curved escalators take you from the ground floor to the top and are somewhat of an attraction themselves, like a cable car ride. The escalators are one of the more memorable aspects of the mall, and if you are a tourist new to the area, you may want to snap a photo.

The Food

Bristol Farms is a popular gourmet café that tourists like to visit. The “food Emporium” aka the food court, also houses fast food, Thai food, Mexican cuisine at the popular Andale, chocolate and ice cream shops like Godiva, and dozens, if not hundreds of other places to buy whatever you’re craving.

Don’t be in a rush, if the mall is crowded, lines can get long and seats can be hard to come by.

If you are planning on seeing a movie it’s best to stop by the food emporium and fill up first to save money on expensive movie snacks.

The Activities

The Mall plays host to nightly shows, presented in the Dome. At Christmas they presented a nightly light show called Illuminique Under the Dome. It was festive and fun for kids, and the show was free every night of the season.

Though designed for kids, some of the free shows are popular with young adults and teens because they’re a bit psychedelic.

They also feature other shows, that vary from music to dancing.

Westfield Mall San Francisco is not just a shopping center it’s a popular tourist attraction, and because it is in the heart of the city just steps away from public transport, it is always alive and full (but not too crowded) with people.

The highlight include spiral escalators, giant food emporiums and nightly free shows, but the main appeal of the mall is, of course, the shopping. With every store you could want, this mall would take days to go through from top to bottom, so either come prepared or come to browse and enjoy the atmosphere at Westfield Mall San Francisco.



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