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Weather in Sydney Australia - Temperature and Rainfall - Epictourist

Weather in Sydney Australia – Temperature and Rainfall

Weather in Sydney Australia, despite whatever idea you may have about it being a sunny, hot beach spot, can actually get chilly, breezy and wet in winter. With the seasons reversed in Australia it’s exceptionally important to research the expected weather for the season or month when you hope to visit.

weather in sydney australia

Here’s what to expect from Sydney in terms of temperature and rainfall:

weather in sydney australia

Temperature in Sydney

January is the hottest month in Sydney – which is equivalent to July in the north western world. Temperatures reach average highs of 28 degrees Celsius, which is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, but can easily reach 30 or even 40 (up to 100 F). The rest of the summer months in Sydney (which are normally winter months in America) also average high 20s C / low 80s F.

From May to September the weather is colder in Sydney. Because the city is near the water, there is a lot of wind to be expected, which makes the city feel colder than the temperature indicated. A cloudy day in June may be 18 C / 64 F, but it will be more comfortable with a jacket or sweater because of the wind and clouds.

If you are travelling in the colder months, it’s best to pack warm, just in case. Warm means jackets, scarves and even a pair of thin gloves (ideally those ones with the touchscreen sensitive fingertips so you can still take photos).

Rainfall in Sydney

August and September are the months with the least amount of rain in Sydney. What is significant for travellers to know about rainfall in Sydney is the number of days a month is rains. For nearly every month, all year round, it will rain for about 7 days, or 1 week of the month. For August and September, it only rains for about 4 or 5 days out of the whole month, on average, so if you want to avoid rain, those months would be your best bet, however, those months are in the midst of winter, so it will feel colder than typical tourists would like.

Overall, the rain is not a big problem, the cloudy windy winter months are far less pleasant, so if you have the ability to choose when to travel to Sydney, you will want to go for a warm summer month, like January.

Even though the weather looks fine across the board, pick a season that’s ideal, because nice weather will dramatically improve your impression of the area./ You’ll spend most of your time outdoors, so try and go when you’ll feel most comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding weather in Sydney Australia, or what suggestions on what to do, write them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you, I lived in Australia for a while, so I can help!



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