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Vegas Travel Deals You Should Know About - Epictourist

Vegas Travel Deals You Should Know About

Vegas is one of the most popular North American cities to visit, so it makes sense that there are plenty of Vegas travel deals available. There are actually so many Vegas travel deals that most tourists don’t even know about them all.


Here are the top ways to get Vegas travel deals before and during your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Package Deals

Often if you go on a vacation without a clear budget or plan in mind, you spend more, especially in a place known for gambling where you can easily lose hundreds or thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. One of the best ways to save money is to buy a package deal in advance. True there are always things left out in a package deal, and sometimes you’re caught spending more, but so many travel sites host Vegas travel deals that are completely sound. These often include some savings on either flight or hotel or both when you buy plane tickets and several nights in a hotel.

There are also Vegas travel deals sold regularly on discount product websites, like Groupon, Dealfind and so on. These sites send out regular emails for popular travel deals, and because Vegas is so popular there are always Vegas travel deals that allow you to save hundreds of dollars on your travels. The catch with these are the date restrictions, you have to make sure you’re free to travel then. The up side is these Vegas travel deals often include a show, meals and even gambling credit.


Most people go to Vegas to gamble in hopes of winning some of their money back (or even winning big) but few people know that gambling can often lead to free accommodation. One of the lesser known Vegas travel deals is one of the more fun.

If you spend enough money gambling in one particular casino hotel, the staff may approach you and offer you a free room. This isn’t just a once in a while occurrence for people who spend thousands of dollars, if you spend as little as $100, which you may have been planning to gamble anyway, hotel and casino staff can offer you a free room as incentive to stay at their resort where you eat, drink and continue to gamble.

If you plan to go to Vegas and you’re an adventurous gambler, this is one of the Vegas travel deals that you might want to try. Get a discount flight ticket, start gambling and see what happens.



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