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Things To Do in London England

One of the most popular places to visit in Europe is England. It’s a great trip for everyone from adventurers to those who’d rather stay in and drink tea. There are so many things to do in London England it’s hard to be bored.

If you’re looking for a list of things to do in London, here are some tourist favorites.

Visit Big Ben, The London Eye and London Bridge

what to do in london england big ben

Big Ben, the clock tower, is one of the most iconic symbols of England. While it is after all, a clock, rather than go inside Big Ben, you pass Big Ben and take photos from the outside.

A lot of the attractions in England are mesmerizing to look at and photograph, but they are not so much activities in and of themselves, the visit to them is the activity. Big Ben is one such example.

The best way to see Big Ben is to take a cruise down the river. At the same time you can pass the London Eye, the famous Ferris wheel (and you can get off and take a ride if you like) and you can pass under London Bridge.

Funny enough, London Bridge is quite bland. If it weren’t for the sign, you wouldn’t know it to be an icon at all. Often tourists mistake the Tower Bridge for the London Bridge.

See Tower Bridge

what to do in london england tower bridge

Tower Bridge is a beautiful bridge ideal for photographs. If you take a walking tour around London you will definitely pass he Tower Bridge, which likely thousands of people have mistaken for the London Bridge because it is more prominent and picturesque.

Eat Fish and Chips

After seeing some of London’s most iconic attractions, it’s important to experience something else London is famous for, fish and chips! Find a cute pub and order fish and chips and enjoy the atmosphere.

Visit Stonehenge

what to do in london england stonehenge

A visit to England is not complete without visiting the mysterious Stonehenge. The gigantic stones, which inexplicably were placed to form a perfect circle at an angle that accent the rising and setting of the sun at the solstices perfectly, are definitely not to be missed.

Splurge for a tour guide or buy the audio guide to accompany you as you walk around the stones. Yes, they’re lovely in photos, but being next to the stones and learning more about how they might have come to be is something entirely different.

It’s a bit of a trek away from the city, but worth it.

Try and see the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace

what to do in london england buckingham palace

So you probably won’t be able to catch a glimpse of Prince George or Princess Charlotte, but you can visit Buckingham Palace.

You may not be able to get too close, but seeing the guards, the grandeur of the palace and the buzz around the area is enough to warrant a visit.

Ride a double decker bus

what to do in london england double decker bus

When in doubt, take a tour around London on a double decker bus. Even if you’ve seen most of what you want to see, enjoy the view from above and try to take a non-blurry photograph while the bus is moving.

Visit the Shakespeare museum

If you’re a fan of literature or if you’re a fan of the English language in general, Shakespeare is a pretty important figure in the culture of England and in English culture in general, even in North America.

Seeing the theatre where these plays were originally performed is something that not only drama and literature buffs can appreciate, so go in and pick up a copy of Romeo and Juliet to keep as a souvenir.

Drink Tea in the Rain

If it’s ever too rainy to walk around and take photos, of course you can run into one of the many museums, but you can also run into a cute tea shop and sit down and watch the rain pass as you sip on your authentic tea and scones.

Of course there are countless other things to do in London England, but these should top your list. And remember, just because they’re tourist attractions and millions of others have enjoyed them before you doesn’t mean you’ll have any less fun! Enjoy the classics and then try and find lesser known areas outside of London (it’s beautiful outside the city) to get to know England better.



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