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Thailand Islands: The 3 You Must See - Epictourist

Thailand Islands: The 3 You Must See

Travelling to Thailand usually means visiting several popular tourist cities across the country, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the southern Thailand islands. Because of the popular beach parties (half and full moon) and because of the postcard perfect scenery, almost every Thailand tourists visits the most popular Thailand islands.


The most popular Thailand islands for tourists to visit are:

  1. Ko Samui

  2. Ko Phangan

  3. Ko Phi Phi

Here are the highlights from these Thailand islands and some of the reasons why these islands are a must see for so many tourists

Ko Samui

Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Phi Phi are all located within a short boat ride of each other. Often people who visit one visit all three. What’s special about Ko Samui in comparison to the other Thailand islands is that this island is home to many culture activities, allowing tourists, artists, athletes ad locals to all participate and enjoy in festivals and activities on the beautiful island.

Ko Samui is the best place to go scuba diving and maybe even get your PADI scuba diving license.

Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan is likely the most visited of all the Thailand islands because it is home to the biggest party in the country, each month on the full moon. People from around the world have heard of Thailand’s full moon party, and the place that started the epic beach party is Ko Phangan. This island is small enough so that on the night of full moon party it seems as if the entire island has banded together at the beach to dance and drink until sunrise. This island hosts full moon as well as a multitude of epic parties leading up to the event. Other than nightlife, tourists can enjoy the pleasant beach bum lifestyle or ride a scooter through the rollercoaster-like roads.

Ko Phi Phi


Ko Phi Phi is the smallest and most beautiful island of all the Thailand islands. Phi Phi island is unlike any other Thailand tourist destination and it’s an absolute must see amongst the Thailand islands. This island paradise has no cars, tuk tuk or buses – just bicycles. It is so small that tourists can easily walk from one side to the other. Visiting this island feels like a vacation from the typical Thailand travel, the beach is sunny and clean, and without harassment from taxi and tuk tuk drivers the island atmosphere is much more laid back.

When tourists visit Ko Phi Phi they often visit Maya Beach, the famous tourist destination used for the film The Beach. With clear water and stunning rock surrounding the beach, no trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to the famous site. Thailand islands are also great for snorkeling and feeding the fish (they love rice). With so many fish near the Thailand islands like Phi Phi it’s easy to touch they fish because they come so close to you in the water when you have food to give them.

Ko Phi Phi is also the best place to be for half moon, where fire performers set up fire limbo and jump rope. It’s a wonderful atmosphere that transitions perfectly from day to night. If you only visit one place in Thailand make sure it is Ko Phi Phi.

The Thailand islands are not to be missed.



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