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The Sphinx Was Actually a Dog, Anubis - Epictourist

The Sphinx Was Actually a Dog, Anubis

There is so much that we still do not know or understand about Egypt and the monumental structures in Giza. There is also so much that we think we know that may not be true.

For example, the Sphinx, which is a term used literally to describe a half-man half-lion, and in most cases simply refers to the great structure in front of the pyramids, is likely not a sphinx at all, but a dog, the god Anubis to be precise.

Think About it…

Think about it for a second. The head on the Sphinx is proportionally too small for the body. And how is it possible that the lion, a creature with an arched back and strong, prominent back legs, to flatten itself out, the way a dog normally does.



It seems much more telling that the tucked legs are those of a dog and not a lion. But that’s opinion. It seems to be more like a dog, but this is an argument much like to sports fans deciding which team is better, or two people trying to decide if a dress is black and blue or gold and white.

Proportion Precision at Giza

Thinking more objectively, the proportion error with the head is not a mix up or oversight. Everything constructed at the site in Giza is meticulously designed and created.

Take the three pyramids for example.

  1. All three pyramids are mind bogglingly precise. The pyramid base is situated to align with the four cardinal points, North South, East and West, and the ratio of the circumference of the base to the original pyramid height is the value of pi (3.14), again proving it’s absolute precision. (Even if the Egyptians didn’t know what pi was, as a value it’s existence precedes even the Egyptians, so any measurement or monument that results in pi is a very precise construct.)
  2. The three pyramids are all perfectly aligned not to one another, because the smallest pyramid is slightly offset, but they mirror exactly the three stars of the popular constellation Orion’s Belt.
  3. The pyramid pattern is oriented to the Nile in a way that reflects the orientation of Orion’s Belt to the milky way.

For even the slightest angle to be out of sync was a great injustice. To consider that the obviously disproportionate head and unrealistic lion body somehow were designed to match as they do is ridiculous.

The Sphinx as Anubis

Author Robert K. G. Temple suggests that the Sphinx was originally a statue of the Jackal-Dog Anubis, the God of the Necropolis. He goes on to suggest that the head was re-carved in the likeness of a pharoah, who he estimates to be a Middle Kingdom pharaoh, Amenemhet II from some telling eye makeup and headdress carvings synonymous with the pharaoh.








So how could a Middle Kingdom pharaoh’s head get on an ancient statue, if it weren’t carved over.

What evidence is there of this?

A German archaeologist named Ludwig Borchardt, long before the Sphinx was excavated, did some research on the Shinx, which was only a buried head when he was exploring it. He concluded that the monument must be from the Middle Kingdom period, because of the unique carvings and engravings that he matched back to Amenemhet II.

But later, when the rest of the Sphinx was discovered, his ideas were discredited because it was found that the Sphinx was much older, or at least its body was.


What do you think?

I have not researched these monuments, so my judgement is based as a travel writer, in experience and belief. But even if it is biased, at least it is intriguing to try and answer some of the mysteries surrounding the great monuments and pyramids at Giza in a unique way.

If we listened to everything we were taught as fact throughout history we would still think the world was flat.

So I’m asking you to think twice before you gobble up the info spouted by your Egyptian tour guide. Look at the Sphinx with new eyes, and consider what the statue is doing there to begin with.

Thinking the Sphinx was actually a dog, Anubis, makes sense to me. Does it make sense to you?




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