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Spend All Your Money Travelling, You'll Be Okay - Epictourist

Spend All Your Money Travelling, You’ll Be Okay

The reasonable thing to do in life is to save money. Save it for retirement, save it for a house, save it for your kids.

But who will you be in that house, with those kids, when you’re retired if you’ve rarely travelled?

I say screw the reasonable thing and live life while you’re young enough for your choices and experiences to define the person you will become. Don’t wait to travel. Spend all your money travelling, go broke in the process, but it will make you a more understanding, stronger, and more cultured and intelligent human being.

spend all your money travelling

The “I don’t like travel” Attitude

Before I started travelling, I just didn’t get it. Why would you want your vacation to be stressful? Why would you want to sleep in a dump when you have a perfectly comfortable air conditioned bedroom at home?

The short answer is, because people need change, and excitement and adventure to be happy. As happy as I am after a long day to crawl into my comfy bed, it’s a different happiness. I am content with my life, more than content I am proud and elated, but every day I stay at home and eat the same cereal and go to the same job I get more and more comfortable with who I am.

Of course I challenge myself, I read as much as I can, I am always looking to learn more, but these patterns are moulding me into a certain beautiful human who may, potentially be even more beautiful had I travelled more.

The “Travel vs Work” Problem

There are people who travel for months, if not years, with no real end in sight. For most people that isn’t an option. Everything has an expiry, and at some point you need to come back to real life.

The thing is, you only have to come back to real life if you decide to throw yourself into normalcy right away. If you allow yourself the luxury of travelling before you’re locked into a daily routine where vacation days are tracked and earned and all tickets have return dates, you’ll be pretty darn happy that you did,

Gap years exist for a reason. Credit cards and wondering what to do before you get a job, or even wondering what job you want, means you can travel indefinitely.

Once you are working, it’s still possible to travel, only at that point it’s not the money holding you back but the time.

Save Money, Lose Time

What are you willing to give up in life, time or money? I’d rather be short on cash than short on time where I can choose where to go and what to do.

Make enough money to travel and then go. Once you have a steady job, time is the only thing holding you back, and at that point it doesn’t matter how much money you have.

Of course if you have a family to support and a mortgage to pay, it’s difficult to travel, but that only proves my point even more.

When you’re young and broke, that’s the best time to go. Spend it all, fly away and enjoy doing something you’ve never done being, seeing something you’ve never seen, and eating something you’ve never tried. Then come home, get a job, buy a house and raise your family as a more well rounded person.

You may have regrets about your money, wishing you’d saved earlier, wishing you didn’t spend all your money traveling so much, but you will never regret the time you spent, and when you’re getting older and looking back, what is more valuable time or money?



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