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Panificio Boston: A Delicious Brunch - Epictourist

Panificio Boston: A Delicious Brunch

If you come from a culture where brunch is big, meaning you grew up in a city with a bunch of chain breakfast places all within walking distance of each other and never thought this was weird, you will likely crave a good brunch while visiting Boston.

Of course the first thing you will do is search for brunch places near you. If you’re near Charles street, and you want a delicious breakfast, pick Panificio Boston.

panificio boston review

Why Panificio?

Panificio is a bistro and bakery, so if yo just look at the title you may think, well that’s not what I want, I want to sit down and eat maple syrup and get ridiculously full.

Well don’t worry, all of the above apply to Panificio.

While I was visiting Boston we looked for a nearby restaurant and saw a few on Charles street with good reviews.


First we saw Clink, a breakfast restaurant set in an old school jail cell. We went to check it out, and the jail theme was what attracted us, but the cell bar seemed more like decoration, and for a pricey sit down place, we figured it may not be worth it in the end. (I had originally pictured eating in a cell, and I’m not sure why that was more appealing to me).


Another breakfast place we considered, and actually waiting in line for, was Paramount. Described as “American comfort food” it sounded like a classic greasy breakfast, which is exactly what we wanted (no toast and yogurt here), but we missed the part where it is cafeteria style. You order up at the counter and sit down, which is fine and normal if there were more seat. There was no way the number of people in line could all sit down and eat. We would have had to eat our food outside, and that seemed like no fun, so we chose another place.

Panificio Boston for Brunch

It may seem like Panificio was our third choice, but as soon as the food was placed in front of us, I wished we’d gone straight there.

The food was delicious. I order the apple and raisin bread french toast, which must have been hand made bread because it was incredible. The plate was a good size but not overwhelming. The food was sweet and cooked to perfection, without being too heavy or greasy. It was a rare balance, that was greatly appreciated (from someone who eats too much when the plates are too big).

We sat by the window and watched the tour buses come back and look in at what we’re eating. It was fun! Everything about Panificio was charming, so if you’re in the neighborhood looking for a place for breakfast or brunch, go straight to Panificio Boston.



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