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Montreal Biodome: Best Place to Visit for Tourists - Epictourist

Montreal Biodome: Best Place to Visit for Tourists

If you are traveling to Canada and visiting Montreal and are wondering where to go, one of the absolute best places to visit is the Montreal Biodome.

montreal biodome

What is a biodome and why visit it?

The word biodome refers to a controlled, self-sufficient eco-system that replicates the natural environment. A biodome creates its own nutrients and survives without any help from the outside, with the plants and animals in the biodome living as they would in nature in the contained ecosystem.

What’s incredible about the Montreal Biodome is that it’s one of the most popular examples of a biodome in the world, with four unique eco-systems represented.

Where is the Montreal Biodome?

montreal biodome olympic park

The Montreal Biodome is located at the Olympic Park, next to the Olympic Stadium used in the 1976 Olympics hosted in Montreal. It’s easy to spot the stadium, standing 165 meters tall and resembling a cereal bowl with a spoon sticking straight up.

Next to the stadium you’ll find the Montreal Biodome and the Montreal Planetarium, next to one another. The Montreal Botanical Gardens are close by as well.

So if you only have a limited time in Montreal, this is one of the best areas to visit because there are so many fun family activities close to one another.

What to expect from the Montreal Biodome

The four main eco-systems housed in the Montreal Biodome include:

  • Tropical Forest, a replica of the South American rainforest.
  • Laurentian Forest, a replica of the North American wilderness.
  • Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system, a replica of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.
  • Antarctic, housing the popular penguin exhibit.

It takes about an hour to walk through the entire biodome, taking your time at each exhibit and each eco-system. There is one path to follow, where you move from system to system, and a room in the center where shows and activities are hosted for kids.

The biodome can also host temporary exhibits, and in 2015 the Montreal Biodome hosted a sloth family, which was very popular!

montreal biodme sloth 2

Highlights of the Biodome

The big highlight of the biodome is the penguin exhibit, which is why it’s the last eco-system visitor see. You can see penguins waddling on the ice and snow, but also, with the glass view, you can see them swim in the water below.

The very first eco-system of the biodome, the tropical forest is another big hit. The warm temperature and lush forest surrounding transport visitors to a tropical rainforest and people love looking for the monkeys and other exotic birds and animals.

The entire Montreal Biodome is fun and immersive, and great not only for families or travellers but locals and animal lovers alike!



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