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My First Disney World Experience and more - Epictourist

My First Disney World Experience and more

I was seven years old when I first visited Disney World and it was inconceivably magical.

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My best friend had just come back from her trip to Disney a few months before and I was brimming with experiences I wanted to duplicate. I wanted to get the same autographs, visit the same restaurants, and of course ride the same rides, especially her favorite, the Tower of Terror.

Despite how much I remember enjoying that trip, the most vivid memory I have of my trip to Disney is have an absolute freak out as we approached the Tower of Terror. The closer we got the louder the screams got, and my anxiety was too much to handle by the time the entrance came into view. I was inconsolable, and to this day I regret not riding that ride.

But as a seven year old Disney wasn’t about overcoming fears it was about having fun. I had had lots of that..

I remember loving the Mickey Mouse pancakes, drinking too much Hi-C (do they still make that) and waiting all week to see my favorite Disney character, Goofy, until I finally got his autograph the last day in Animal Kingdom.

Returning to Disney

When I returned to Disney when I was fourteen it was a very different experience. I remember wanting to go through the biggest rides I could get to, as fast as possible, and nothing was scary enough or fun enough as a growing teenager. I didn’t want the autographs and the little things that excited me no longer seemed fun in my cynical teenage years.

All I wanted to do at fourteen was ride the scary rides to make up for the fact that I missed the scary rides when I was young, but by focusing on what I missed out on the first time, I lost out on all the good things I loved as a kid.

As a slowly got bored after going through all the rides, I realized that Disney is made for kids or adults who want to feel like kids again, not teenagers who want to act like adults (without realizing that adults are just kids that happened to grow older).

My First Disney Cruise Experience

As an adult, or young adult at least, I’m about to set sail on my first Disney Cruise, something I never imagines I would do. I definitely prefer the unseen, the exotic and the adventurous vacations, like Europe, Asia or Australia, but after thinking about my two Disney experiences I’ve learned that I don’t want to repeat anyone else’s experience, I don’t want to be a kid again or a teen again, I want to experience everything from scratch and see how it feels to be grown up kid on a cruise, with my closest friends.

Let’s see how it goes!



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