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Map of Cancun Mexico for Tourists - Epictourist

Map of Cancun Mexico for Tourists

If you’re venturing off the beaten path and want a map, an even better idea is to find a friendly local tour guide who can let you know what areas are safe and welcoming. Planning out your route before getting to Mexico may be difficult.

For all inclusive vacations on the other hand, it’s easy.

While you likely won’t see anyone carrying around a map of Cancun Mexico on your all inclusive vacation, it’s good to check out the general area of Cancun in relation to other key areas nearby, including main tourist spots outside of your resort to see where you might like to visit if you don’t want to spend your whole trip to Mexico in the same place.

Mexico Map


Looking at Mexico, Cancun is far east, right at the border of the country by the Caribbean Sea. This is the most popular city to visit in Cancun, with Puerto Vallarta, which is located near Guadalajara on the west coast, as the second most popular city to visit.

So now that you know where Cancun is on the map of Mexico, it’s time to see where you will stay within Cancun on the map below

Map of Cancun Mexico


Looking at a map of Cancun, you can decide how close you want to be to the airport (south) how close you want to be to attractions like Coco Bongo (a popular nightclub and show with venues throughout Mexico) or where you want to be in relation to the best beaches.

Coral Reef

Cancun actually is part of the second largest coral reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Just off the coast from Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Costa Maya these prime beach destinations are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. The best spots include the Manchones Reef, Cancun’s Underwater Museum, and the C58 Shipwreck.


There are lots of excursions in Mexico, and even if you are not located nearby one of the laces you wanted to visit (Chichen Itza for example is 2 hours from Cancun) there are still countless tours that can take you there. Here are some of the places you may want to visit, either for fun, for history or because you’ve been there before and want to go back.

  •  Chichen Itza
  • Xel‑Ha Park
  •  Coba
  •  Xcaret Park
  •  Cancun Underwater Museum

So even though you should be relaxing on your trip instead of worrying about how far you are from point A or point B, glancing at a Map of Cancun Mexico before taking off is helpful.



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