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Flights for Cheap: Top Tips - Epictourist

Flights for Cheap: Top Tips

If you want to travel all over the world, visiting countries that may take more than a day, by air, to get to, flights for cheap will be the most important way to keep costs down. There are many websites that offer flights for cheap, but really, it depends more on how you look for flight deals as opposed to where you look in order to find good quality airfare.


Here are several key ways to save money and find cheap flights:

  1. Be flexible with your dates 

If you want to travel during a certain time, give yourself the biggest window possible when looking for flights. If you know the specific dates when you want to travel you limit the number of cheap flights available, losing most of the cheap flight options which sit just outside your date range.

If you’re flexible, even by one day, you’ll see that the price will change. By choosing to travel on days where flights are cheaper you can save you hundreds of dollars. Typically flights are cheapest on Wednesdays yet most travellers chose to fly on weekends for convenience.

  1. Travel with a carry on only

Most of the cheap flights that you are most likely to find online will come from low cost airlines. Low cost airlines charge less for tickets but more for any add ons, like luggage. If you are traveling within Europe for example, airlines like Ryanair can charge as little as 20 euros for a flight, but they charge 3 times that if you travel with luggage.

If it is possible, it’s always best to travel with carry on only, because you open yourself up to many more deals with shorter connections and even exclusive flight deals for carry on only travellers.

  1. More stops, bigger airports

Traveling to bigger, more popular airports allows you to find cheaper flights. This is because there are more airlines flying to popular airports, and more airlines means more flights which means more competition and lower prices for travellers.

Lower prices are also more common for flights with multiple stopovers, so if you are travelling far, travel to popular airports and opt for two stopovers (if you can handle the wait) instead of one to save money.

There are lots of other ways to find flights for cheap but these are some of the best and most reliable ways to save big and travel more.



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