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Disney Dream Review for Young Adults - Epictourist

Disney Dream Review for Young Adults

The Disney Dream, and all other Disney cruise ships, are designed for young families who:

  1. Have enough money for a short luxury cruise
  2. Are looking for a vacation where they can have their kids reliably babysat while they get some alone time
  3. Want a vacation that will make their kids ridiculously happy
  4. Prefer something low maintenance, with activities and schedules planned for them

disney dream review 2

The Disney Dream is by no means a party ship, and you won’t find many young unmarried and childless people on the cruise.

However, that’s exactly what I did, and despite the fact that the Disney Dream cruise was not designed for my type of traveller, I had a lot of fun!

Disney for Solo Travelers

Disney is designed for families, but that means that on some level it is built to make anyone, at any age level, happy. For a solo traveler, which in this case just means someone who isn’t traveling with family (maybe they’re with a partner or with friends) Disney has a lot of fun activities and opportunities for young adults.

On the Disney Dream, the cruise is organized so that adults and children have their own areas on the ship (with many adult only areas, bars, beaches and more). The cruise is also organized so there are activities for all age levels at all times.

The 18 and over match game (Disney’s newlywed game onboard the ship), adult only karaoke, the 80s and 2000s music quizzes, and other n-kids-allowed activities were fun for young adults without kids, and of course the flow of alcohol both aboard and when we docked in the bahamas helped!

Best of Disney Dream


Each night, and in each bar, custom speciality drinks are offered. And no, not everything is Disney themed. For a few glorious minutes you can forget you’re on a Disney cruise and just enjoy a few delicious drinks in the restaurants and bars across the ship.

Even better (if you’re trying to save money), you can bring up to 2 bottles of wine or a 6 pack of beer, on the ship, and you can bring the same amount back onboard each time the cruise docks in Bahamas. Unless you need more than 4 bottles of wine per person, for a 3 day cruise, that allowance is more than enough for a good time onboard.


The restaurants are next level. The wait staff follows you from one restaurant to the other, so you can establish a relationship with your servers (and don’t have to repeat food allergies each night). The staff are professional and dedicated, doing whatever it takes to make you happy. In some cases that means scavenging for whatever drink you requested, in other cases that means playing games or mind teasers with the group.

As for the food, it’s delicious, and you can order whatever you want. Feel like getting 7 appetizers, why not! There’s always something to eat. Oh and did we mention the self serve ice cream on the ship! Yes, food is definitely a big win on the Disney Dream.


The number one best thing about the Disney Dream is the entertainment. No, not just the characters there to take pictures with. Each night the cruise puts on a show of Broadway quality, with unbelievably talented actors and performers who sing, dance, fly in the air and perfectly embody some of the most lovable characters in Disney history.

With different shows each night, the shows are unique narratives that involve scenes, songs and characters from dozens of movies. These unique stories can only be seen on the Disney Dream, and if you’re wondering if the cruise is worth it, the shows alone make the experience worthwhile.

The shows aren’t just for kids (actually, like all great Disney creations, there are a bunch of jokes that kids won’t even get) everyone in the theater enjoyed the shows, it’s easy to tell.

Disney Dream Review

In summary, is the Disney Dream a good idea for solo travelers, young adults or those without kids? Definitely! With good food, good entertainment, good service and good friends, it’s hard to have a bad time.



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