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Bing Travel: All You Need to Know - Epictourist

Bing Travel: All You Need to Know

If you’re looking for Bing travel, unfortunately the feature has been removed. Bing travel was a great tool for travellers and tourists to use because it predicted the best time to buy airline tickets. The handy tool used algorithms to determine trends in the airline market, and savvy traveller’s used these insights to book cheap flight tickets.

best_travel_sitesWhat’s Bing?

Bing is a search engine, the second largest after Google. One of the big drawing points to Bing was their Bing travel predictor, and after hosting the tool since 2007 (which was previously called Farecast before it was part of Microsoft / Bing).

How did it work?

Apparently, Bing travel used a team of “data miners” to observe airfare trends and build algorithms to predict airfare price changes and movements. There was some controversy between Kayak who claimed Bing Travel copied their layout, but by 2013, Bing travel openly displayed a disclaimer that said the results were powered by

Why is it gone?

It’s unclear why the Bing travel predictor tool was removed. A spokesperson from Bing said they wanted to focus on areas with “greater opportunities to serve travel needs,” but that seems like statement that sounds good but means nothing. The original creator of Farecast (before Microsoft / Bing bought the tool for $115 million) was disappointed with Bing’s maintenance of the tool, and in January 2014 it was shut down for good.

All links to Bing travel are redirected to Bing search or to error pages.

Are there alternatives?

While Kayak and Bing travel had an odd relationship, it seems like Bing travel closed down, leaving the door open for to fill the void. Kayak now offers a similar price predictor tool which travellers can use. It is new, as of 2014, so kayak is still testing it out.

Predictor tools are brilliant for young adventurous travellers who want to buy a plane ticket and see what that country has to offer, without paying an arm and a leg.

Hopefully this airfare price predictor will help more travellers find great flight deals, unlike the nonexistent Bing travel tool.



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