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Better Pass On Willowbrook Mall Houston - Epictourist

Better Pass On Willowbrook Mall Houston

If you’re looking for a nice place to shop on your trip to Houston, you’ll likely want to avoid Willowbrook Mall Houston.

There are great shops, great dining options in the food court, easily accessibility and the mall is clean and modern, but all these great qualities seem to be attracting the wrong crowds.


A Ghetto Mall?

Not quite, but some tourists feel uncomfortable with the way some groups, or gangs, seem to hang around. The loiterers are mainly teens and kids, but the collection of young non shoppers is unwelcoming for many more mature shoppers.

One of the common complaints from shoppers who were turned off by the mall said that security were unresponsive. In extreme cases of theft or carjacking, the security officers did little to help. It seems that these incidents occurred often and security was doing little in the way of prevention, which is discouraging for out of town shoppers who may have luggage or valuables in their car.

The people who requent Willowbrook Mall are locals, people who live closer to this mall than any other, and who don’t mind the more laid back atmosphere of the mall.

For tourists, you won’t get the buzz or rush of excitement you come to expect from a great shopping mall, instead you may feel uncomfortable in some areas.

On an Up Swing

On the other hand (as if this will change your mind after everything we just said) Willowbrook Mall is getting better in the recent years.

More and more locals are calling it their preferred mall because of new more upscale stores like Michael Kors, Lush and popular stores like Macy’s and Forever 21 are huge in this mall, attracting a crowd of shoppers to those stores alone.

If you’re looking for a particular product and this is the closest mall or store, why not stop in. But as far as visiting the mall for fun, to browse the shops or see the area, you should definitely pass.



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