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Best Universities in Australia - Epictourist

Best Universities in Australia

One of the best ways to travel is to actually live in another country, and if you are interested in learning about the best universities in Australia it’s likely because you’ve realized moving to the land down under while you study is one of the greatest experiences you’ll have in your life.

best universities in australia

Once you’ve decided to travel to Australia for school, it’s time to choose which University to attend.

Best Universities in Australia

According to the 2015 Times Higher Education World University Reputation Rankings, there are several universities that rank not only at the top of all Australia schools, but they rank among the top in the world. These schools are:

  • University of Melbourne, in the city of Melbourne, in southern Australia
  • Australian National University, located in Canberra the capital of Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef
  • University of Sydney, in the heart of Sydney,on the west coast of Australia
  • University of Queensland, in Brisbane in the sunny western area of Australia north of Sydney
  • Monash University, just outside the city of Melbourne, Australia
  • University of New South Wales, in the suburb of Kensington in Sydney

Listed in order, starting with the best school in Australia, these are the universities that made the list of Times Higher Education University Rankings for the best universities in the world.

The Times Higher Education ‘Reputation Rankings’ is based on the opinions and nominations of more than 10,000 respondents from 142 different countries. Those senior academics involved in the ranking determination are asked to nominate up 10 schools from anywhere in the world which excel overall or in particular academic fields.

Here are the more detailed results:

University of Melbourne (33rd in the world; 1st in Australia)

Australian National University (44th in the world; 2nd in Australia)

University of Sydney (60th in the world; 3rd in Australia)

University of Queensland (65th in the world; 4th in Australia)

Monash University (83th in the world; 5th in Australia)

University of New South Wales (109th in the world; 6th in Australia)

These are the overall rankings, and there are some schools which outperform others for particular academic fields, so it’s important to do your research a bit before applying. Overall this is a great base to judge the best universities in Australia, and from this point you can look into which city and area seems most exciting for you.

From someone who studied in Australia at the University of Melbourne, it’s an unforgettable experience that you should definitely look into (plus Melbourne is the most livable city in the world)!



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