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Ancient Greece Map vs Modern Greece Map - Epictourist

Ancient Greece Map vs Modern Greece Map

If you’re travelling to Greece you’re probably curious about what an ancient Greece map looks like, and whether or not it looks much like the Greece we recognize today.

Here are the two Greek maps for comparison:




What’s Interesting About the Maps

While visiting beautiful beaches and taking photos of wonderful landmarks is fun for any tourist, what’s awe-inspiring about Greece is the history, that dates back thousands of years, with Athens being one of the oldest cities in the world!

In the Ancient map, many iconic cities and landmarks can be seen, like:

  • Mount Olympus (where the Greek Gods were said to live)
  • Delphi (where the oracle, who made predictions, lived)
  • Sparta (home of the unforgettable army of 300 Spartans)
  • Troy (the almost mythical city where Achilles and the Trojans battled over the most beautiful girl in the world, Helen)

In the modern map, the areas and cities highlighted are the capitals, not the areas of interest or significance. For example, Santorini, one of the most visited and iconic places in Greece, is not visible on the modern map.

It seems the ancient map was much more useful to find where you wanted to go, and to see how far famous cities and locations were from one another, at a glance.

The Ancient Greek map on the other hand won’t help you get very far in modern day Greece. With cities and tourist areas changing greatly, many tourists go to Greece for the picturesque beauty and not to be transported back to a time of early democracy, Greek tragedy, life-changing philosophy and the Greek gods who inspire everything from our modern language to modern literature.

So what do you think, which map is more useful for an epic tourist like yourself? Let us know in the comments!



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