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Airline Ticket Prices: Tips to Save Big! - Epictourist

Airline Ticket Prices: Tips to Save Big!

Everyone wants to save as much as possible on their airline ticket prices. Whether you fly for an hour within the same state or you fly across the world for more than 24 hours, the more you save on airline ticket prices the more you can spend once you land and start your trip.

airline ticket prices

Unless you are travelling for a specific event and are restricted by the day in which you can travel or the time, most people choose their airline ticket depending on what is cheapest. To feel confident that you are getting the best deal, here is the number one thing to do.

Search for the cheapest travel date

There are all sorts of little details that affect airline prices. Travelling on the weekend is typically more expensive. Longer layover for multi leg flights is typically cheaper. Putting aside all of those details the number one thing to do is look at a calendar (month by month) and see when the cheapest month is to travel and the cheapest day for certain destination.

Here’s how it works:

If you know you want to go to Thailand, the best thing to do is see when you can get cheapest flights.

Finding cheap flights

The tool of choice by savvy travellers is Matrix ITA Software. By using this tool you can chose “see calendar of lowest fares” then select which month you want to see.

matrix ita software

Once you hit search, you’ll see the price of a flight from your original destination to your vacation destination.

airline ticket price rates

Here you can see that by travelling at the end of September instead of at the beginning saves you nearly $200!

You can keep searching by month to find the absolute best day to travel that year.

Confirming your travel dates

Once you find out that flights are cheapest on a certain day in the fall, decide whether that’s a good time to visit the country (you can do a quick Google search to see if it’s nice that time of year.) Typically prices are lower when it’s off season, and while it may rain a lot in Thailand in fall and you’d do best to avoid travelling at that time (it’s monsoon season in September) other countries or cities are pleasant all year round, and you can really take advantage of tourist dips to get the best price on airline tickets.



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